Franchise Financing

Get Funding for Your Franchise Business

Regal Point Capital Solutions offers financing for both new and existing franchise operations.

The Attraction of a Franchise Business

A franchise can be very successful because they have two things going for them that a ground-floor startup does not have: Name recognition and products that people already love. In addition, the head office is generally very helpful in ensuring the franchisee has success; their profitability depends on it.

Financing may be required when opening up or continuing to run a franchise business. Funding may be required for real estate purchases, expansion, equipment, and more.

Our Franchise Financing Program in a Nutshell

Our firm, Regal Point Capital Solutions, is proud to work hand-in-glove in providing financing for those interested in or already busy with a franchise business. Here are the details of our franchise financing program:

  • Fast decision and closing so that your funding arrives quickly
  • Low rates and terms up to a quarter-century
  • Loan-to-value (LTV) up to 90%, with additional funding for working capital as needed
  • No prepayment penalties

Furthermore, if you are new to franchising, we can help you as well. First-time franchisees are welcome!

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