Most Popular Tasks That Small Businesses Outsource

Did you know that many small businesses (more than 33%) actually outsource one or more of their major operational tasks? If you use another company to provide products or services that would otherwise be done in-house, you have participated in outsourcing. These are a few of the most popular tasks that small businesses outsource.

Information Technology Services

Not every business owner is skilled in IT support or management. If you spend your time managing IT functions in your business, you could lose sight of your ultimate goal and duty, planning and running your business.

You may have taken on many different tasks during the inception stage, but as your company grows, some should be moved off your plate. IT management is one of them. This outsourcing industry is one of the largest and most functional, offering on-demand tech support for any issue or project you face.

Marketing Services

As a small business owner, you may not know the best ways to market and grow your business, especially with the rapid adoption of many digital marketing strategies and platforms. Like many other owners, you may outsource part or all of your marketing tasks, from social media management and content creation to ad design and posting. Today’s marketing firms can also help you develop creative marketing strategies and insights in your market and industry.

Human Resources Services

Initially, you may conduct all your hiring and human resource management tasks, but as your company grows, you will probably need individuals with more specialized skills. In addition, you may choose to provide additional benefits.

Although recruiting is the most common human resource task that is outsourced, you can also ask the company about training, payroll, and benefits adoption and administration. Working with a reputable human resource service provider allows you to delay or choose to forego your own human resources department.

Accounting Services

Accounting and finance are challenging tasks, especially if you are not specially trained. You have to consistently learn new laws, update your processes and ensure your numbers are exact to prevent problems with the IRS, investors, lenders, vendors, and your customers.

Therefore, accounting services are the most common outsourced tasks. A professional or reputable accounting firm can manage your finances efficiently and effectively. These professionals can also save you money over hiring an in-house staff.

As your company grows, consider how outsourcing various tasks within your organization can help you save money and provide you with exceptional services from experienced professionals.


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