Recruiting Tips to Help You Get the Right Candidate

The recruiting process can be challenging and time-consuming. You may need to evaluate hundreds of resumes for a single position, and you may still have to conduct additional screening, such as a phone interview. However, when it’s time to interview your prospects, these are a few tips to help you find the best candidate for your open position.

Involve a Team

Today’s best candidates don’t just have the experience and knowledge required for a specific position. These individuals also have the ability to get along with the team they will be working with. In addition, they will represent the company as a whole, so they should be kind, courteous, and respectful to all your employees.

Therefore, you should have multiple individuals interview any prospect, including one or more of the candidate’s future teammates. However, you shouldn’t stop there. The front desk person, assistants, or other employees probably came into contact with this person during the interview and tour process, so ask their opinion and how they were treated.

Be Conversational

The best way to get someone to open up is to treat the interview like a conversation. Learn about their work and what they can and cannot do or enjoy or don’t enjoy by spending some time discussing topics they feel comfortable with.

Watch Body Language

Body language can tell you a lot about a person. You can deduce their level of nervousness, confidence, and comfort simply by watching for fidgeting or eye contact. Individuals’ handshakes and gestures can also speak volumes. Therefore, learn about and watch your prospects’ body language to determine their excitement about the job and whether they are honest during the interview.

Ask About Life-Long Learning

The best candidates will be those who desire to continuously learn new things. These individuals will make the effort to gain knowledge and skills during their time with your company. In fact, many life-long learners stick with and grow with the company, and their consistent knowledge acquisition makes them invaluable resources.

Consider Their Questions

Every interview candidate should ask questions during the interview. These individuals may ask for clarification about the job, company culture, or team they will work with. Analyze the questions you are asked. For example, were they insightful? Did they show enthusiasm, especially after the question was answered? Consider what their questions suggest about their enthusiasm, problem-solving abilities and strategies, and data processing methods and capabilities.

Although experience is often the focus of effective recruiting, consider other strategies that may give you more insight into your job candidates.


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