4 Ways to Build Your Business on a Budget

Are you a new entrepreneur who’s short on cash? Rest assured: You’re in good company. Quite a few aspiring business leaders start their enterprises on a shoestring. Some of the best business advice involves high-impact and low-cost strategies. Here’s a rundown of a few effective methods.

1. Leverage Email

Yes, you might immediately start thinking of those emails you delete or ignore. Chances are though, there are several business owners who you enjoy seeing in your inbox. They don’t always send out weekly emails; sometimes it’s biweekly or monthly. A few things are consistent about their messages: They contain valuable information, have a distinctive point of view, and transmit the personality of the person who sends them. Learn from them, and consider doing likewise.

2. Get Personal

You will not regret taking the time to carefully define your brand, making sure it aligns with the product or service you provide and your unique personality. As you refine your brand, think about ways you can personify it. People are generally attracted to human beings more than they are to objects. When they get a clear sense of the person behind the brand and identify with it, they’ll require a lot less convincing.

3. Connect with Your Community

Think of the like-minded people you could partner with. They might be local or virtual. They probably share a sensibility that resonates with your core values. Over time, make friendly, authentic connections with these people in a non-transactional way. As you get to know them, make note of ways you could help each other. One caveat: Don’t be pushy about building relationships. Instead, be sincere and allow your new acquaintances to observe your integrity in action.

4. Consider Bartering

Take a cue from college students and swap skills with partners in your community. For example, you might be friendly with a graphic artist who “gets” your brand identity. Although business cards aren’t as standard as they used to be, they’re good to have on hand for in-person gatherings. Offer a limited amount of your product or service (assuming it’s valuable to them) for free or discounted cards. Or, you might have business advice that you can offer in a coaching session in exchange for something you need. Get creative.

Building your business on a budget requires innovation, consistency, and willingness to go outside your comfort zone. Try these ideas to help kickstart your growth.


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